TKR(Total Knee Replasment) Nursing Care and Intervention

TKR(Total Knee Replacment) is a surgical procedure to replace the weight-bearing surfaces of the knee joint to relieve the pain and disability of osteoarthritis

Nursing Diagnosis of TKR(Total Knee Replacment)

  • Acute pain 
  • Altered Mobility 
  • Risk for Infection 
  • Disturbed , scarring and decreased mobility overall.
  • Impaired Comfort r/t TKR, AEB grimacing. 

Nursing Outcome/Goal and Outcome Criteria TKR(Total Knee Replacment)

  • Client will rate pain on pain scale.  Will take and follow strict medication regimen. 
  • Client will do ROM exercises every am for 10 minutes. 
  • Client will inspect hip incision every day for redness, heat, or drainage
  • Client will demonstrate hip insicion care with mild soap and water and be sure to dry it thoroughly.
  • Client will be placed on high protein and vitamin C diet 
  • Client will cough and deep breathe.

Nursing Intervention Client With TKR(Total Knee Replasment)

  • Assess Vital Sign(Plus,Blood Pressure,Respiratory)
  • Assess pain according to pain scale (0-10) every hour. 
  • Assess client’s needs holistically.
  • Monitor Client Diet Plan 
  • Will assist patient into wheelchair on the day of surgery.
  • Will teach patient to walk up and down the stairs as needed.
  • Assess pain, paresthesia, pulse, polar, pallor, and  paralysis.
  • Assess Range of Motion (R.M.O)
  • Assess infection

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